The Radiation Symptoms I Incurred in Tokyo

The next step for me was of self discovery. I remember just how healthy I felt prior to Japan. Now what other symptoms have I had since Tokyo that I never had before?

Initial symptoms on Oct 4th

-extreme headache

-pain in bones

Ongoing symptoms afterwards:

-fatigue / lethargy

-poor mood

-lack of concentration

-brittle nails

-hair loss

-pimple like expulsions over my chest

-not able to handle stress as easily


-fainted for the 1st time in my life

-bleeding gums

If you will take a look at any website detailing the symptoms of radiation poisoning, you will find something very similar to the above. Now I was completely confident that I was indeed poisoned by radiation.

Please remember, I lived in TOKYO for 2 MONTHS. I took one trip to Hakone, but besides that, remained in Tokyo. I did not go any closer to Fukushima!

Now can you imagine how bad people have it that are consistently living all throughout Japan? The real victims are the children. The real victims are the people living there with no realistic way out.

And the worst part of it all, they cannot take action because they simply do not realize how dangerous it really is…


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