When I Realized My Girlfriend Became Victim of Radiation Too

While I was living in Tokyo for 2 months, I spent almost everyday with the girl I met out there. We ate many of the same foods, drank the same water and went to the same places. Once I realized I had became sick from radiation, my first reaction was to contact her to see if she was alright.

She thought I was crazy to think I had suffered from radiation. She talked to some of her friends and they all thought I was crazy to think radiation effected me in Tokyo.

Then she told me the symptoms she was having herself:

– shaking hands

– dizziness

– lethargy / fatigue

– other unexplained illness

– headaches everyday, all day

– lack of appetite

She went to the doctor and the doctor told her she had dysautonomonia. I looked up the symptoms of this ailment of the nervous system: Excessive fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness or vertigo (fainting), feelings of anxiety or panic, rapid heart rate.

Is it not odd that I have felt all those symptoms since coming from Japan? That I fainted for the very first time in my life and felt fatigued everyday? Did I also somehow contract dysautonomonia? No, because that is not contagious.

Lets be logical.

Perhaps we both became victims of radiation since radiation effects the nervous system. Since radiation effects the endocrine system. Since radiation causes all those symptoms we both shared. Since people all over YouTube are showing us that there is indeed dangerous levels of radiation in Tokyo.

Luckily I convinced her.

This is very, very serious. Not just for me and my girlfriend. Probably hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS of people have been affected by the radiation in varying degrees.

This is epidemic. Don’t believe the government. Don’t believe the media. Don’t believe the people not living in Japan who don’t understand the magnitude of the situation. Look at the cold hard facts, look at the anecdotes. Hell, look at the past in Chernobyl. The Japanese people are getting seriously messed up by radiation atleast as far as TOKYO, and the saddest part is that most don’t even realize.


8 thoughts on “When I Realized My Girlfriend Became Victim of Radiation Too

  1. drthornton says:

    How are you and your girlfriend doing now in 2014?
    I was in Portland Oregon last 4 yrs, through 2011 Fukushima event. Lots of rain, radiation. Now back in Santa Monica.

    • 2014 was a year of recovery for me. I went on a strict detoxification and nutritional program. The area around my thyroid (amongst others) went through many reactions as a result as my body was healing. A quarter of my hair fell out and immediately started to grow back in.

      My girlfriend did not go on such a strict regimen, yet she is doing better as well. Leaving Japan was the most beneficial thing we could do.

      Thanks for asking. Are you still in Santa Monica and have any experience around this field?

      • Thanks for your response. Glad to hear of improvements for you and your girlfriend. Agree getting out of Japan (anywhere in Japan) is a good idea). I’m still in California. I’m a nauropathic physician and have been looking into nutritional, herbal and lifestyle remediation of radiation. Likely the same things you have investigated. But as more and more of the land mass becomes contaminated, the plants/foods we use for remediation become contaminated. I teach nutrition at local Oriental medical school and almost all of the students, and nearly everyone else I speak with about this issue is ignorant of its implications, and that the radiation continues to spew from Fukushima into the Pacific at hundreds of tons per day, since 2011. Resource I check daily: enenews.com, Don’t want to sound melodramatic, but Fukushima is our most serious environment issue and threat to human life, probably for hundreds or thousands of years to come, as the result of 3 coriums melting through the power plants into the ground below, inaccessible to humans or machines due to the radiation levels. These molten cores of radioactive material are constantly overrun by underground streams from the adjacent mountainside, which is then carried into the ocean. The MOX fuel from Plant #3 is the most dangerous having been mixed with Plutonium. All in all, we are in deep stuff and there is a concerted effort to cover this up and keep most everyone in the dark. I tell my patients who ask, to do the remediation protocols/detoxes and do the best they can. Sorry to sound so bleak, but I prefer the real story vs the controlled media fantasy that no one will die from Fukushima and everything is under control.

      • Thanks for your insightful post.

        The detoxification protocol I went through involved high-dose niacin + sauna therapy and you or anyone can find out more details through search engine.

        The nutritional program I went on is at http://healingnaturallybybee.com/

        Prior to Japan I had been studying nutrition for 5 years. If I would describe all the reactions my body went through as I went on this regimen, you might be shocked.

        All of this was so worth it to me.

        I write these things just in case someone in a similar situation wants to educate themselves not only on prevention but also treatment.

  2. tmsk says:

    I just came across your shocking diary and wondered how you are doing. I am really relieved to know that you and your girl friend managed tough situation. I have been very alarmed with Fukushima situation from the beginning but majority of people have no idea what’s going on. It is too sad including my sister who still lives there with her three small kids refusing to face the reality.

    • tmsk, all in all i’m doing pretty well! I have since recovered since leaving Japan. It took about a year. Not with out some permanent effect to my mind +body, which is hard for me to explain; but it’s there.

      My heart goes out to the ones having to live there year in, year out. This especially includes the children.

      Thanks for your message.

  3. Dave says:

    OMG.. when you mentioned the symptoms.. I had gone through the same for 2 years.. and the onset was also a very precise day… this happened immediately after visiting a Mediterranean country (the Mediterranean sea is the most radioactive.. due to illegal criminal Italian toxic dumping / ship sinking in the 1990’s.. especially around the North African coast) here’s a map: http://infosthetics.com/archives/2010/02/infondoalmar_revealing_suspicious_ship_sinkings_in_the_mediterranean_sea.html

    Please tell me how you recovered…your Detox routine…please

    Lastly, glad to hear you are doing ok.

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