A Reasonable Viewpoint of Radiation Sickness in Tokyo

When a phenomenon such as nuclear fallout comes into question, there will be two extreme sides. The fear-mongers and the skeptics. The fear mongers will say everyone who reasonably can should evacuate out of Tokyo while the skeptics will say that Tokyo is completely safe and everywhere is safe outside the 30km restricted zone.

Allow me to lend my logic and experience to the matter.

I became sick from radiation while living in Tokyo for 2 months. My ongoing symptoms were somewhat subtle – it took me many months after the fact to realize what had actually happened. That is only because I had pristine health right before Japan, the internet to absorb a lot of knowledge within a reasonable amount of time, and health practitioners who not only spent decades studying health but also have the mind set to be open minded to such an occurrence.

My girlfriend became sick from radiation. She would not have realized unless I was able to help her understand.

A friend of a friend became sick from radiation while going to Tokyo on business for a month and her doctor told her she cannot have children for 10 years. That is from word of mouth so I cannot factually go into detail about her situation.

Yet, many of my other friends in Tokyo report no such symptoms of radiation sickness.

To say EVERYONE is going to get sick from radiation in Tokyo or NO ONE is both wrong. More logically, many people in Tokyo will get sick to varying degrees. It’s hard for it not to be many when tens of millions of people live in such a condensed area. However, chances at this point are the ongoing symptoms will be subtle like mine and they will chalk it up to another reason.

At the same time, NOT EVERYONE will get sick because they will have taken necessary precautions, live in an area of Tokyo that isn’t hot, etc. Perhaps they will ingest some radiation, but the amounts are small enough that symptoms don’t occur and the bodies defense system can naturally handle the insult.

Please use knowledge and logic to make informed decisions about your health. Only YOU can be responsible for your own health in matters like these. Not the government, not your doctor. That is all.


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